Human Resources

Human Resources

The main stream concern of private sector in their main rescores loyalty.

Being an employable skills promoter, we have cluster of human resource. These human resources are citified from HR department. From the past 7 years, we are providing and developing our shiny human resources in many organization, where they are loyally offering services we have specialized HR in following area.

1. Teacher’s primary level

2. Subject specialist teachers

3. Principle and headmistress

4. Public relation officer

5. Project managers and coordinator

6. Accountants

7. Monitoring and evaluation officers

8. Drivers

9. Security guard

10. Protocol officer

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Youth Development Institute(YDI) is KPK’s premier and experienced firm with a great choice of study programs, marketing and consultancy services. Our main focus includes promoting employable skills and providing educational services to the youth so that they can face challenges of the modern world and productively contribute to their communities.

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